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'''Cousin Silas''' is the stage name of English electronic music artist '''David Hughes'''. The name comes from a character in King Crimson's song, "Happy Family". He has released over eighty albums on various net label|netlabels. Between 1990 and 2000 he wrote several short stories, poetry, prose, and articles that were published in small press magazines such as Back Brain Recluse, Nova SF, The Scanner, REM, Nerve Gardens, The Lyre, Auguries and Focus. On 28 January 2004 Cousin Silas made an appearance on BBC Radio 1 played by John Peel.
OriginHuddersfield West Yorkshire, England
Genreambient music|Ambient
drone music|Drone
Sound Alchemy
Years active2001 – present
LabelAcustronica, Aural Films, Batenim, BFW Recordings, CerebralAudio, Classwar Karaoke, DigitalDIZZY, Earthrid, Earth Monkey Productions, Fflint Central Records, Free Floating Music, Just Not Normal, Studio 4632, Sucu Music, Tree Trunk Recordings, Unsheep, We Are All Ghosts, Withering Trees
Current membersDavid Hughes
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